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World Best Company HI-Q!
Creative challenge toward a better safety
'High-Quality road safety product manufacturer'
Hi-Q Co., Ltd. is a Korean leading manufacturer providing a various road safety product. Hi-Q is continuously growing with a core value to supply the high-end quality product to our customers since its foundation in 1987
Through the successful expansion of factory facilities and consistent research & development, now Hi-Q is market leader in Korea and satisfies the varied needs of our customer in the field of construction-site, parking and road safety.
'New leap forward global supply network'
Hi-Q Vietnamese corporation, Hi-Q VINA recently have built BAC JIANG factory near to Hanoi and producing road safety product with same quality as Hi-Q Korea. So now our Southeast Asian customer could get a supply of high-end quality product with low transportation costs and duty.
Furthermore, Hi-Q VINA is establishing the foundation of logistics for Southeast Asia and have plan to build second factory near to HCM city for expanding its facilities as well as supply network.
All members of our company, Hi-Q, are firmly committed to improve the quality and to develop new products with our will and vision.
We appreciate your interests in Hi-Q Co., Ltd. and promise to do our best to fulfill any of your request and opinion.